UPDATE (8-11-17): You Can Wear A Chocobo Costume In The FFXV Multiplayer Beta

Update (8-11-2017): A full week after the official beta, Square Enix is launching another mini beta test for Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer expansion Comrades. During my time in the prior beta, I kept being paired up with AI comrades even though this was supposed to be a multiplayer experience…

I decided to try out the beta during its second launch and a new update installed that is said to improve matchmaking:

Immediately going into quick play, the client now asks to try again or disband camp if the game cannot find any players to match up with thankfully. That bit was sorely missing from before. I was able to pair up with one other person (!) and two added AI companions (…). The same missions are in the second unofficial beta, so nothing new on hunts to really get into.

To be frank, there was nothing really worthwhile about the Comrades multiplayer expansion coming from the beta. It is just a stress test for online matchmaking after all, which is important to keep in mind. Square Enix just wants to make sure the online works before putting it into the wild with a price.

From my experience, they need to tighten up matchmaking heavily and make sure the quests are more fun for this expansion to be worth the time. If the beta is a sample of what’s to come, then it’s something worth keeping an eye on for those who still have FFXV in their library.

Update (8-4-2017): The Final Fantasy XV official Twitter announced they will be releasing an update for the Comrades closed multiplayer beta to “improve matchmaking” as well as do another test between August 11th – 13th. Stay tuned for more updates on the online expansion here at WWN.

Original: Final Fantasy XV‘s anticipated multiplayer expansion has gone live into a closed beta from today (August 3rd) until the 8th. A PS Plus or Xbox Live account is needed to download the 13 GB file size beta, and it comes packed with a nice sample of what to expect in the actual expansion with a TBA release.

Right off the bat, the beta offers an impressive and in-depth avatar customization system. Personally, I love how detailed it is because that’s how it makes YOUR character unique with touches of color here and a nose slightly crooked there. It’s the little things that count really.

Somehow, I made my character look like a latino pop star. Least to say, he was more than ready to hand out all of the Despacito‘s and Vivir Mi Vida‘s to unsuspecting chicas of Eos.

The Comrades beta uses the same combat as the FFXV main game with a few cool tweaks. Instead of having stocks of elemental magic, they are tied to the weapons you equip.

Your arsenal as a Kingsglaive Knight of Lucis includes variations of katanas, shurikens, a heavy weapon (maces, axes, etc.), and dual daggers. Like in FFXV, you can switch between these weapons mid-combo. Kingsglaive Knights do not use items for some odd reason, so healing yourself requires casting a healing spell, which has a useful and handy AOE effect for teammates.

There’s also this weird “offensive” spell that looks like a force push from Star Wars? I don’t know. It was completely useless when I fought against monsters during hunts.

There’s a small gas station that acts as your hub for the beta (with plans to have an open world-esque hub for the actual expansion) where you can edit your character, make a new one, practice combat, and take on missions.

The campsite is where players group up to commence missions and cook food for buffs and such.

The first time I got into a mission grouped me up with two other players. Once the counter to start the mission hit zero, it didn’t actually start… *sigh*. There was no option to return to the gas station, so I had to restart the client. Note to Square, add in that option you spoony bards. At least there’s a cool quick-chat option in the beta.

I expect there will be a voice chat option in the final version.

The second launch put me in a group of AI partners, which was just okay. I’m anticipating for interaction with real players in the next few days once the servers adjust, so stay tuned.


This post will be continually updated until the beta ends, so stick to this article for a detailed look at the Comrades multiplayer for FFXV.

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