During Sony’s TGS 2017 Press Conference, a brief trailer was shown announcing Final Fantasy IX for PS4 for a worldwide release. Arguably the best Final Fantasy and originally released in 2000, Final Fantasy IX was rereleased on PS3 as a PSOne Classic, then ported to PC and mobile.

Similar to Final Fantasy VII‘s PS4 release, this version of FFIX includes trophies, HD cutscene video and an auto-save functionality. The game also includes several boosters such as high speed mode and the ability to turn off random encounters. While these features may seem cheap to hardcore players, it’s actually great for the convenience factor. Turning off random encounters in any old JPRG is a god-send, so thank you Square Enix.

Your purchase of Final Fantasy IX comes with an amazing (and nostalgic) PS4 theme and PlayStation avatars. The game is also on sale for $16.79 until September 26. After that, it’ll be the standard $20.99 price tag, so take advantage! In any case, this came out at the perfect time to tide me over until Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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  • Luis Salazar

    My favorite game of all time!

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