With The Scorpio Specs Out of the Way, Can We Finally Talk About Games?

Yesterday the gaming world was buzzing after Digital Foundry released the specs for Microsoft’s upcoming console, code-named “Scorpio”. Check out our breakdown of the Scorpio specs reveal here. Reaction to the video brought forth endless chatter about CPUs, GPUs, Teraflops, Framerates, Jaguars, super duper cooling systems and a whole bunch of other stuff that I pretend to understand. One thing that got next to no chatter however, was actual games, and this is where I have a problem.

In no way am I downplaying the technical achievement that is the Scorpio but to be frank, I didn’t really care about the reveal. Why? Because at this point in time, the Xbox doesn’t have any games that excite me. So yeah, the Scorpio is an impressive machine, but I didn’t become a gamer to talk about silicon placement or clock speeds and I doubt any of you did too. We became gamers because of our love of playing video games.

This is not just an indictment of Xbox gamers, but it is an indictment of the gaming community in general. It seems that we’ve become more interested in the power of these machines and less interested in appreciating the games that they produce. People are saying that with the spec reveal out of the way Microsoft can put all of its E3 conference time into speaking about what games are on the way, and not the performance of the Scorpio. I truly hope that this is the case because a console’s power rarely dictates its success. Ultimately it is the gaming experience that does this.

Right now, when I think about Playstation, I’m thinking about the absolute Death Lineup of exclusives that have just been release. Nioh, Nier Automata, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Yakuza 0. When I think about the Xbox, I’m thinking about frame rates and resolution, which are only important when there are games to play.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the engineering that goes into making these consoles, but the performance of the machines are not what is most important. So now that the Scorpio specs have been revealed, let’s start talking about what made us all gamers. The games.

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