OPINION:What XBOX Needs To Do With The Scorpio

Xbox is going to talk about the Scorpio at E3 2017.  My opinion is if the Scorpio wants to be successful It needs to have exclusive games that you can get nowhere else. Xbox has been lacking exclusives this year. Since they just canceled scale bound, The Xbox Brand has been lacking diversity with their exclusives, The Xbox Scorpio needs to be a next generation system  because if they marketed as a slightly more powerful Xbox one then it will lead to a downfall

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  • shodaisd

    I slightly disagree, I think they should still make the game compatible for Xbox one. However they should use every trick in the book and more to mark an important difference. Double the frame rate, all games native 60fps required on all games. Higher resolution, higher graphical settings, it needs to be appearance from jump. Should not be difficult, original Xbox one performance is abysmal on some titles, with 900p titles. So it’s gonna be easier for them at least. But they can’t just abandon Xbox one users. And most of all, they need a killer lineup, because playstation is killing them so far this year! They need to announce games for E3 and release them fast!

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