Uncharted Lost Legacy stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, two familiar faces from previous Uncharted games, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4 respectively. The two characters go on an exploration through the Indian Civil War in search of the Tusk of Ganesh. The tale sounds good on paper but is it really worth the $40??

The Good:
Characters –
From the beginning, Nadine and Chloe are just work partners and nothing more. As the player goes through the game, they will see a development of trust between the two as they share tales about their past. Old faces from Uncharted 4 do come into play, but the Dynamic Duo of Chloe and Nadine really pushes the game forward. The chemistry is show when you entangle in hand to hand combat, and even through the climactic moments, both Chloe and Nadine use their quick thinking skills to solve problems. A common complaint about Nadine in Uncharted 4 was how boring of a character she was. Nadine seemed to only care about her Shoreline business, making her feel one-sided and just uninteresting. But in Uncharted Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog corrected this and did Nadine justice by building a bond and friendship between Nadine and Chloe.

Graphics –
Naughty Dog knows how to make a great looking game and Lost Legacy is no different. I played on the regular PS4 on an IPS Display monitor without HDR (so imagine 4K HDR on OLED) and the set pieces in this game were aesthetically pleasing. There were more than a few moments where I would just stand still and look in awe.

Gameplay –
Even though Naughty Dog didn’t make any major changes from Uncharted 4 to Lost Legacy, the game still feels fresh and fun (I played on Hard difficulty). The puzzles in the game were a combination of difficult and inspiring. They weren’t hard just to be hard, but fun brain teasers that required some out of the box thinking.

Boring antagonist –
Without spoiling the game too much, I’m just gonna say the antagonist is a little on the bland side. The game doesn’t shine any importance on him and gives him an bland back story.

Game Length –
This isn’t really a bad, but I sure do wish that the game was longer. I beat the game in 5 hours and 30 minutes, but I enjoyed every second and wish for more out of these two characters.

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Uncharted Lost Legacy is a must play game for this year. With the amazing characters and the awesome gameplay, players can feel the Uncharted experience without paying full $60. It’s also a great game to pick up before the holiday season starts, and with the little games releasing right now, there is little excuse on why one wouldn’t play this game.

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  • Luis Salazar

    Great review! Did you get the 11 medals in Ch. 4? I cant believe you beat the game in 5 and a half hours. It took me 8 hours and 14 minutes on hard to beat it.

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