Persona 5 is a very, very special game. I’m looking forward to playing more of the fantastic JRPG and writing the review for it here on the website, but there’s a PSA I had to make: Persona 5‘s music is a new triumph for the series. 

I’m sure a lot of gamers remember the time when Atlus released their E3 2015 trailer for Persona 5 and literally everyone could not stop talking about the music in the trailer. The Persona series has always been known for its modern, panache-like music, most notably with Persona 4. Game soundtracks are pretty hard to define because their personalities are so broad, but there is a clear style within the Persona series that we hear once again in Persona 5. The jazz and rock tunes, catchy melodies and heart-pounding music will flood your ears like a good summer song. I find myself instinctively humming to the songs and have them play in the background as I write, cook, take a shower, etc. In essence, it has taken over my life!

The soundtrack, crafted by long-time Persona series composer Shoji Meguro, captures that sense of youth and freedom as my character is wandering the streets of Shibuya. At the same time, it heightens my focus and adrenaline during boss battles. Combine those with a delightful battle theme and atmosphere, and you have yourself one damn good album.

However, the game’s music is just one piece of a huge project. To this day and beyond, it still amazes me how cohesive all of the elements of a game feels, especially with Persona 5. But more on that when I write my review. In the mean time, here are some tracks from the game:


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