When The Witcher 3 first released, it was met with well deserved praise. Unique combat, great story writing, and a massive open world where you can do things like monster hunts, playing Gwent, and even form sexual relationships. 2015 Game Of The Year was awarded to The Witcher 3, and everybody understood why. But how does the game hold up 2 years later? Does it still seem to amaze like it did when it released? Let’s dive in.


Even though the story didn’t change at all, it’s still a great, captivating story the first time around. But since I played it twice, to me it seems a little dragged out in terms of doing fetch quest for the main story. The first half of the story where you have to find Ciri seems to be more engaging. The story feels more meaningful and fresh. Meeting new characters and exploring new lands brings exciting experiences throughout the game. But once you find Ciri, all the lands are pretty much explored and there are no new and important characters. Also there is no real plot twist or anything. The story builds up to make the player think that Avallac’h is some treacherous Elf, but really he helps Ciri save the world. There are a lack of surprises in the story.


The gameplay took some getting used to. Starting from level one makes you forget that Geralt doesn’t start out as this god-like swordsman. This is not a knock on the game though because the controls still feels quick and responsive. However, fighting humans did feel a little bit easier than fighting monsters. After mastering the counter system, sword fights became repetitive. Fighting the non-humans were more exciting honestly. Planning before the fights brings a level of immersion found in very few games. In many situations, you are going to be thinking, “Before I complete this fight let me brew potions and get better armor.”

How does it stack against other games?:

Story wise, many games seem to add a little more to the story to have the player care during the whole game. But in terms of story and gameplay, the only game I can say that is neck and neck with The Witcher 3 is Persona 5. Persona 5‘s story easily gets the player hooked with personal plots and relatable problems. The gameplay of Persona 5 is different because of the turn based battle system, but that doesn’t take away the fact that you will be doing a lot of preparation before entering a palace or challenging a boss. Also, the unique power up system in Persona 5 adds a little extra spice to the game compared to The Witcher 3. In Persona 5, you can earn points by doing normal, everyday activities like reading and answering questions correctly in class. On top of that, you can go into the Metaverse and gain experience points to level up your personas. Personally, this is provided a more immersive experience, while in The Witcher 3 you can easily farm and gain experience to level up any trait.


The Witcher 3 is a great game all and all. With very few developers able to make a game like it, The Witcher 3 is a unique and a lovely experience to play. Instead of developers trying to clone The Witcher 3, they should try to make their game unique and give it their own flavor (This is a shot at boring ass Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will get an article soon).


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