Before I start the review I want to disclose a few things. I will not be comparing Mario Odyssey to its predecessor. It’s a 2017 game and it will be graded on a 2017 scale. And though I do claim #SwitchGang, Nintendo bias is something that I stray away from. I was not raised on Nintendo products, so I don’t have the nostalgic feel other reviewers do.
This review is opinion based in facts. Please keep those points in mind while reading the review.

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D open world game that attempts to innovate the 3D Platforming Genre with unique level design and a colorful world. The player embarks on the adventure of rescuing Peach from Bowser with the help of Cappy the hat. On this adventure, Cappy will teach you how to traverse the world and will constantly remind you to collect the Moons to power up the Odyssey.


The Gameplay in Super Mario Odyssey is a great experience in this game. Mario has a set of moves that can complete almost any task, but Cappy is the real star in terms of the platforming. The ability to turn into almost any creature you see allows the player to solve puzzles and find the Moons anyway they see fit. The gameplay also feels fast and fluid, even with the lack of hardware from the Nintendo Switch. Frame dips almost never happen and when they do it doesn’t drop by much. It’s a shame that the main story is only 8-10 hours


Even though the pixel count is low, Nintendo found a way to make the Game beautiful. The colors pop and the art design is a major Plus.


I’ve noticed that multiple reviews focus on difficulty. Because the game was made for kids and I’m an adult, I feel that it’s unfair to say it’s too easy. There is only one difficulty in the game though but still it seems there’s not much more Nintendo could do to make the game harder besides the boss battles.

Boss Battles

At first the Boss Battles seem innovative and fun, but eventually you realize the patterns that you need to follow in order to take the bosses down. Usually it goes something like this – you hit the bosses Weapon with Cappy, and then you either jump on the boss’ head or you turn into the boss’ weapon and hit the boss. You do this three times and the boss fight is over. No, no boss fight is the same, but the formulas are similar.


The beautiful world and the fun and fluid open world design really hold this game up on its legs, but with the short length and the rinse and repeat bosses, it seems like there is a lot of room for improvement. Also, the copy and paste story is inexcusable. If you have a switch I’d recommend buying this game, but I wouldn’t recommend buying a switch for only this game.

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Super Mario Odyssey


If you own a switch then Buy This game.

Boss Battles7.5
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