Spotlight: Titanfall 2 – Surpassing Gameplay Expectations

The original Titanfall was created as a counter to Activision’s Call of Duty – introducing faster gameplay elements, giant mechs and bots. Although critics praised the original title, users were more critical of it. Most users cited a lack of a single player campaign, lack of multiplayer content/modes, matchmaking problems, netcode, and latency problems.

Respawn decided to correct those criticisms with Titanfall 2 by expanding on the original title in some great ways. Firstly, the campaign starts off with an aspiring pilot called Jack Cooper. In the Titanfall universe, pilots are seen as the world’s best soldiers. Following on the death of Jack’s superior Tai, Jack gets control of a Titan called BT-7274. From there, Jack and the player are locked in an intense and memorable singplayer campaign.

Secondly, the multiplayer is robust and individualistic. A class system is attached to the customization of the titans, weapons, and your own soldier with seemingly limitless customization options compared to the first Titanfall. Titan and pilot executions are also a welcome addition. Progression feels more organic than before – you can prestige or regenerate your titans, weapons, and overall level. The selection and design of the guns are so unique when compared to the original title as well. To cap it off, there is a 1 v 1 mode that tests your abilities to the fullest called “Coliseum.”


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