In the world of video games, gameplay is king as the old adage goes. In 2017 though, music has taken center stage. Persona 5, Zelda BOTW, and Destiny 2 has not only provided great gaming experiences; they’ve serenaded our ears with excellent soundtracks.

Polyphony Digital released a demo/beta of its upcoming racer Grand Tourismo Sport for PS4. After a few days of delving into the trial; I can say with confidence that it’s music is one of the best OSTs this year. With its blend of EDM, Fusion Jazz, and Brazilian Bossa Nova; composers/contributors Kay Nakayama, I:Cube, Lenny Ibizarre, and Mr. V just to name a few, grace the game with genre melding arrangements. Grand Tourismo Sport‘s soundtrack also includes licensed music from HipHop artists Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, and A Tribe Called Quest.

With its October 17 release on the horizon, GT Sport is shaping up to be a solid racing game as many suspected. It’s soundtrack, however, will be the surprise that new comers and series veterans will enjoy while playing as well as outside of the game.

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