Spotlight: Steamworld Heist – Trick Shots of Fun

For this weeks spotlight, we take a look at Steamworld Heist! This turn based side-scrolling strategy shooter is a real gem and with the release of Steamworld Dig 2 just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to take a look at what makes this prior installment to the Steamworld series so great.

Sequel to the original Steamworld Dig; Steamworld Heist has you play as smuggler and Captain Piper Faraday who travels through outer space and recruits a team of robots along the way. As a team, you board enemy spaceships and execute heists by looting and shooting down enemies. Sounds simple enough right? What makes Steamworld Heist so special is how you actually shoot these enemies by bouncing and ricocheting bullets off of the environment. This can make for some amazing trick shots! Not to mention, each level is procedurally generated; meaning they are different every time. I know this first hand as whenever I failed or restarted a mission, the level design would change up a bit. The layout of platforms and cover would be a bit different, and even the route to escape would change. This adds a layer of difficulty to the game because you essentially can never expect the same layout twice.

With the loot you find, you can come across better weapons and other equipment but water is what you will find most. Water is used as currency to buy even better weapons and bigger inventories to hold those weapons. You also level up your team as you complete heists so that they can have more health and other valuable resources. Steamworld Heist quickly becomes an addictive process of: strategize, use the environment, shoot beautiful trick shots, loot, get out, and repeat. There are also bosses that you will come across, as well as other unexpected enemies. It is outer space after all!

I’m not the most experienced when it comes to turn based strategy shooters but Steamworld Heist has definitely opened my mind and has me really growing a liking for this genre. With Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle also releasing recently, I have continued exploring the turn based strategy genre and I owe my heightened curiosity to Steamworld Heist. It really has shown me how fun these games can be.

Steamworld Heist is available on PS4, Vita, 3DS, Wii U, iOS and Steam! 

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