The game that will be in this week’s spotlight is Mega Man Legacy Collection. Mega Man Legacy Collection is an emulation of the original six Mega Man games for the NES that was released for the PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and PC in 2015. The collection is a perfect emulation with a slick interface and incredible remix challenges that brings out what I think is the best in the series. You won’t find any updated graphics or performances, but you will get six platformers that are treated like the video game royalty they are.

Each Mega Man game allows you to create a save point that allows you to start back at the spot you saved at, creating a more user friendly situation to new comers. Within the collection, there is a database that has art and backstory for every enemy that you in counter within the six games. In the database, you can fight any boss from the six games any time you want. So if you’re having trouble with Bubbleman from Mega Man 2, you can save your progress, go to the database and fight him until you find out his weakness.

The remix mode is timed sections carefully put together from chunks of the collection. Some include Mega Man 1 boss rush to a challenge that has multiple sections from each of the six games. The remix mode has a leaderboard of the best runs and archived videos of those runs to show you how some completed those challenges.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is the way game compilations should be made, providing a new adaption to a new platform while respecting the materials historical context.

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