Spotlight: Mass Effect Andromeda – Criminally Underrated

If you want to see how social media can kill a great game, look no further than Mass Effect: Andromeda. A game that has its shortcomings overstated while having its strengths ignored, Mass Effect Andromeda is a hidden gem, its great qualities hidden in a sea of tweets and memes.

Though buggy at times, Andromeda’s gameplay remains mostly faithful (save for a few features) to the franchise’s core gameplay aspects and is executed pretty well. The game’s story, though something we’ve seen many times before, is far better than ME3.

The RPG elements of the game are on par with other popular Western RPGs like Horizon Zero Dawn, and in some cases ME:A surpasses them. This game absolutely lacks polish, but at its core it is a game that any RPG fan would enjoy if they were to give the game the chance it deserves.

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