Phantom Trigger Announced For The Switch

TinyBuild Games have been showing love to the Nintendo Switch and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. After releasing Mr. Shifty for the Switch, tinyBuild games have now announced Phantom Trigger by Bread Team, coming to the Switch this summer! Let me be the first to tell you; this game looks hot! It has Hyper Light Drifter inspired gameplay and graphics. See for yourself in the announcement trailer:

Phantom Trigger has RPG and roguelike elements, as well as deep combat. It looks challenging and best of all, looks like a great game to play on the go in handheld mode. I’ve always felt that the Switch is a perfect little device for indie titles such as this, because they are typically short games that we can pick up and play anytime and anywhere. Phantom Trigger is available this summer on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can also download the alpha right now!

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