Peter Moore Leaves EA To Become CEO of Liverpool Football Club

Peter Moore is well known in the gaming industry from his days at SEGA,  his stint with Microsoft during a very successful Xbox 360 era and now he says goodbye after nearly 10 years with Electronic Arts. EA CEO Andrew Wilson has penned a blogpost on Monday to announce Moore’s next move.

From Andrew Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

Passion is essential for all of us at Electronic Arts.  It’s what gets us up in the morning and drives us to do extraordinary things. And if you’ve ever met Peter Moore, you know that he quite literally wears his passion for Liverpool FC on his sleeve.  So it’s with great excitement that we congratulate Peter on following his dream to become the next CEO of his beloved Liverpool Football Club…

Peter will leave an incredible legacy.  Peter led our sports business to some of its biggest moments as President of EA SPORTS.  As our Chief Operating Officer, he helped us navigate the transformation of our company and the evolution of our business in a digital world.  In the past year as Chief Competition Officer, he has driven EA’s rapid expansion in competitive gaming.  Above all, through his time at EA, Microsoft and Sega, Peter has been a statesman and advocate for our industry…


On another note this move also departs Moore from the gaming industry, I’m a bit bummed that we wont see Peter Moore reveal anymore tattoo’s at this years E3. Peter Moore have always had a love for the sport of soccer, EA’s CEO Wilson was proud to congratulate Peter Moore in landing his dream job. Congrats Peter!


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  • Michael

    Oh, they need all the help they can get after that 3-1 loss to Leicester!!

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