Nothing like an Overwatch event leaked to get the Monday started!

Available to view through GameInformer, the story-focused trailer for the new Overwatch event called Overwatch Insurrection leaked online. Based on the trailer, the event will go live from April 11 until May 1 and features a battle between the Overwatch and Blackwatch members against the Omnic machines. The event seems more in line as a PvE game mode similar to the Halloween update back in October. Unsurprisingly, social media is spreading screenshots of the new (amazing) skins for characters which you can view below.

Without a doubt, Blackwatch Genji and Fatale Widowmaker have to be my favorite new skins! Although, I won’t shy away from picking up Tracer’s and Reinhardt’s new official Overwatch outfit either. Which skins are your favorite? Let us know below.

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