Nicalis Teases New Switch Games

Nicalis just posted on Twitter, an image revealing their current lineup for the Nintendo Switch. We see some images for released games like Cave Story+ and The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+. There’s also some icons for upcoming games like Tiny Barbarian DX, Blade Strangers, and recently announced Tasukete Tako-San: Save Me Mr.Tako! But the blurred images are what’s most important.

After looking at the icons, the only ones that I have been able to decipher is the middle row far left being VVVVVV, the bottom right being 1001 Spikes, and the bottom left being Code of Princess (Hooray!). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to decipher the other images. But if the voices in my head are to believed, I would guess that one of the images would be Hydra Castle Labyrinth.

Now you might ask yourself, “But handsome author, that icon looks nothing like Hydra Castle Labyrinth!”In which you would be correct. But upon closer inspection of the photo, you can see that a lot of the icons for the final builds for these games were changed. If we are to use Cave Story+ and what is assumed to be 1001 Spikes as reference in the older photo, you can see that their final designs are also different. The same can be true for Hydra Castle Labyrinth. Will I be wrong? Probably, wouldn’t be the first time. Or would it? No.


In any case, it’s exciting what Nicalis has planned for the Switch.

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