I’ve been waiting years for X-Men’s Night Crawler to get its own game and thanks to team Shifty and tinyBuild Mr.Shifty is as close to that game as I can imagine.


Mr.Shifty is top down action game, reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami. Your character has the ability to teleport around levels opening a barrage of ways to handle combat.  You don’t wield guns, instead, you use the character’s fists and other melee type weapons you find in the environment to knock out gun-toting enemies. The game’s challenge lies in the level design and enemy count, your limited weaponry requires strategic warping to get in close and deliver punches  or throw pillows, cans and arrows from a distance.  Mr. Shifty gameplay intensifies as things speed up.  Levels require you to out run rotating lasers, exploding barrels and land mines. Some levels in Mr.Shifty take away your teleportation ability forcing the player to rely on pure speed and stealth. Some levels are rage inducing and some encounters you will be outclassed and outgunned but you never really feel that the task is impossible. At first you don’t succeed?


There isn’t much of a story behind Mr.Shifty, the plot to Mr. Shifty is that you’re a thief with teleportation/shifting abilities breaking into a highly secured tower to steal a plutonium core. The reason for this plan is never uncovered, the only information you have is that Shifty is pretty good at what he does. Shifty encounters a bunch of heavily armed guards who he takes out with punches and whatever melee weapons available to him.

Mr.Shifty isn’t winning any awards for its plot, Mr. Shifty presents itself in a humorous manner and never attempts to sell you on an idea that your doing something very important.  Your commander, Nyx, gives you an objective and constantly warns you of how much resistance awaits. You’ll find your self chasing the antagonist (Stone) around from level to level until finally taking him out in an underwhelming fight.

Visuals & Sound

Mr.shifty is a good looking game, I appreciate the art and the cartoon style visuals. The shadow work is also well done, lighting and environmental damage is a nice welcome as well. A game like Mr.Shifty, with its frantic fast paced play would need the right music to match its pace, and the team behind Mr.Shifty, nails it. There isn’t any audio dialogue available, music heightens and speeds up on climatic levels and boss fights  while being slowed down and chopped during deaths. The teleportation sound matches what we heard from night crawler in the X Men movie. Explosions,  gun fire and broken glass sounds are all on point with exception of the cheap pow sound from delivered punches.

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Mr. Shifty Review


Mr. Shifty is challenging in the most rewarding way, you'll have a blast playing. You may may also find yourself yelling, kicking and screaming from all the cheap deaths you may encounter.

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