Microsoft Introduces Xbox Game Pass, a $10 Monthly Service

Nobody saw this coming.

Today, Xbox’s Twitter account revealed a new subscription service called Xbox Game Pass available on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices coming later this Spring.

While the official announcement page does not reveal pricing, Kotaku reports the subscription will charge $9.99 a month. In essence, the Xbox Game Pass allows gamers unlimited access to hundreds of Xbox One titles – including Xbox 360 backwards compatible games. Similar to Netflix, Xbox games will be added and removed every month, and Xbox One users will be able to download the games straight to their consoles available each month as if they were purchased digitally.

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass are separate memberships, so you do not need Gold to access Xbox Game Pass. However, you will need a Gold membership to play online titles accessed through Xbox Game Pass. The service also includes a 20% discount for Xbox One games and a 10% discount for add-ons.

Select members of the Xbox Insider program will have the chance to try out the new subscription service today, and Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have exclusive access to Xbox Game Pass before rolling out to all Xbox owners this Spring.


Quite a bold move by Microsoft! This is a service that Xbox One users can surely get behind, but do you think will this affect sales of new games? Let us know your thoughts below!

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