Is the Marketing hype for a videogame ever justified ?

is the marketing hype for a videogame ever justified?

Horizon Zero Dawn launches in the UK on March 1st. The marketing hype for this title seems to validate how good the game is. From the praise it is getting for its visuals to the dynamic gameplay showcased in so many videos online. The launch of this brand new ip is measuring up to be an instance where the marketing hype gives the title an added value. This “added value” complements the information gotten from reviews and impressions from gaming enthusiasts like 3MG live, Robingaming, etc.

Even though everyone paints this game positively, it is never a good idea to wholeheartedly take onboard a person’s opinion. But this rare occurrence of a title living up to the hype shouldn’t be ignored. Gamers tend to ignore artificially created hype behind a title, it even becomes worse for the title if the end result pans out to be as bad as initially thought. We all remember what happened with “No Man’s Sky”,”Aliens: Colonial Marines”, “Watch Dogs” and “Duke Nukem Forever”.

A Marketing Campaign for any title is meant to do three things –
1. Communicate: Communicate the story, gameplay elements, characters, etc.

2. Deliver: Deliver on the title’s effectiveness to relate to a customer’s sensibilities, Deliver on the performance of the platform on which it is running (console, game engine, etc.), Deliver on the abilities of the game developers behind the title, etc.

3. Create Value to the Customer: This is the most important goal of any marketing campaign. If you can’t get a gamer to ‘value’ your videogame, once it is launched, it will be dead on arrival.

A videogame’s hype, which was created by a Marketing Campaign is only successful if the end product marches that pre-launch fanfare. But here is an important question, would that same marketing campaign be successful if the sales are high but the end product is seen to not have met any of the elements presented in the initial marketing campaign, à la No Man’s Sky, which has sold more than a million copies.

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