Impressive NBA Live 18 Screenshots emerge!

NBA Live 18 is alive! From the looks of the recently leaked screenshots, EA’s new basketball simulator is looking mighty stellar. Check out the images below and please be sure to let us know what you think!

So far no news of release date has been revealed yet but expect major news regarding NBA live 18 on June 10th during EA Play.  Be sure to check back with us as we’ll get to play NBA Live 18 in a few short weeks.

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  • TaesWorld Gaming

    Live 16 was lit! I can’t wait to see if they building off of that.

    • Deon Ulysses Jones

      I might be able to enjoy basketball games again with competition now showing on EA side

      • Thats Mr. Smoove

        Always promote competition

    • Thats Mr. Smoove

      Happy to see someone that enjoyed Live 16! expect big things!

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