FIFA 18 Revealed

EA released a short reveal for their yearly FIFA game and its given us a few details. The teaser shows Cristiano Ronaldo, who is fresh of his second consecutive Champions League title. By the way, hey EA, you guys feel like buying the Champions League license now? Cristiano Ronaldo will in fact be the face of FIFA 18. The game will have a special “Ronaldo Edition” as well as an “Icon” edition which features the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario, who will be playable in the game in FIFA Ultimate Team. The game’s release is set for September 29th. Sony has acquired marketing rights for the franchise as which adds to the rather long list of games that the company has snapped up.

Personally, I’ve been on a 2 year self-induced FIFA exile, in protest of EA’s lack of innovation in the franchise as well as it’s downright ignoring of the FIFA playing community. But I must admit, it’ll be hard to keep my hands off of this one.

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