FFXV Patch 1.12 Is Live, Featuring Regalia Type-D

Final Fantasy XV‘s latest patch is now live for PS4 and Xbox One with a hefty size of 8.65 GB. The patch includes the following:

  • Implementation of the Regalia Type-D car, available at the Hammerhead Station. This version of the Regalia allows the player to do off-road driving.
  • Conclusion of survey regarding the future updates to Final Fantasy XV.
  • Compatibility for EPISODE PROMPTO, releasing on the 27th of June.
  • Added tracks to the car’s radio featuring in EPISODE PROMPTO.
  • Various bug fixes.

Episode Prompto is the second character DLC in Final Fantasy XV‘s Season Pass content. The 2-hour DLC offers a new way to play FFXV as Prompto with third-person shooting gameplay. For those who do not own the Season Pass, the episode will be available for $4.99 USD.

Back in March, WeaponWheelNetwork reviewed EPISODE GLADIOLUS with an 8/10 score and quote, “This DLC won’t win any awards, but for $5, or free for Season Pass buyers, Episode Gladiolus is definitely worth playing.”

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