Square Enix revealed a closed beta for the multiplayer of Final Fantasy XV called “Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades.”

To access the beta, players must have a copy of the game, have purchased the Season Pass of Final Fantasy XV, and be a subscription member of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. The multiplayer beta will be available from August 3rd – August 8th and will allow testers to create, customize, and use up to eight characters, outfit their characters with various weapons and royal sigils of their choice, and interact with other players in quests, camping, and even voice chat.

The beta test will start players in a base camp, but promises to have much more in a city location among other extensive features teased in the beta. For a full breakdown, visit their site.

This will be the first time a singleplayer Final Fantasy game will get a multiplayer component, so it’s smart of Square Enix to release a beta test and get direct feedback from players. Based on the screenshots they released, multiplayer looks to be a fun addition I never knew I wanted.

Stay tuned to WeaponWheelNetwork.com for impressions on the multiplayer beta next week.

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