Far Cry 5 Official Announce Trailer Released

Moments ago the official announce trailer for Far Cry 5 was released and building off of Monday’s teaser trailers, we were shown what debauchery players would be getting themselves into in the next foray into the world of Far Cry. The serious tone of the trailer shows us the residents of rural Hope County, Montana fall victim to a very heavily armed cult-like organization referred to as “Peggies”. The trailer features a calm, yet ominous voice of the cult’s undoubted leader who considers that this tyranny is in fact an act of compassion toward his “children”.

Now being that this is a Far Cry game it is no surprise that there are a few folks of Hope County don’t take to nicely to having their fellow citizens kidnapped at the hand of these religious zealots and these folks do not look like they’ll be going down without a fight. Characters like Nick Rye, Mary May Fairgrave and Pastor Jerome Jeffries will have something to say to Hope County’s new tyrant. Each of the characters were given their own reveals on the Ubisoft Youtube channel and frankly, they are fantastic character introductions.

The game will feature gunfights and explosions that we’re all used to in the franchise and players will have to look out for the wildlife as well, as we see a quick flash of a bear chasing a person down. All in all, this looks a lot like the Far Cry that we’re used to. Far Cry 5 is set to release of February 27 and don’t forget to check out all of the trailers released today.

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