Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was just announced at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017, for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This has me VERY excited since I consider Dragon Quest Builders to be the best PlayStation 4 game to date. A bold statement? Definitely. But a statement that I strongly believe.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 seems to have fixed a lot of my issues with the original game, such as the range of your melee attack being far to short, lack of swimming, and most importantly, lack of multiplayer. The sequel also introduced the ability to glide through the environment, as well as being able to slant blocks with a pick axe. It might not sound like much, but with the fixes to the original game being addressed, as well as new ways to traverse the area and build blocks, it adds so much to the game.

I’d advise you to keep a look out for this game. The first game is one of the most addicting and satisfying games I’ve played this entire generation. If you have a PlayStation 4 or Vita, I’d highly recommend it.


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