Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Drops January 30th, 2018, Collector’s Edition Detailed

Square Enix’s next entry in their Dissidia arcade brawler series releases on January 30th, 2018 for PS4.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT includes over twenty playable FINAL FANTASY heroes to play and over ten iconic battle arenas from the FINAL FANTASY series. The game will not only include a full story mode and online competitive matches, but also custom lobbies (that was recently confirmed to include 1 VS 1 matches!!), and offline matches versus AI. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT mixes real-time brawling combat and RPG mechanics in which the character you use earns experience and gil for gaining new skills and customizing your character.

Along with the announcement of the release date, gamers will have the option to choose between multiple buying options that include:

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Brawler Edition ($59.99)

  • Base game
  • One of three steelbooks free upon pre-order pickup of the game

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Ultimate Collector’s Edition ($189.99) (SE Online Store Exclusive)

  • Base game
  • Collector’s Box featuring legendary FINAL FANTASY characters
  • 8.25 inch Warrior of Light bust
  • Hardcover 80 page artbook including sketches and artwork from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT
  • Official soundtrack with 15 tracks selected from the DISSIDIA series and newly recorded music
  • Exclusive Ultimate Collector’s Steelbook
  • Season Pass (Digital Content)
    • 6 additional playable characters (includes standard costume and weapon)
    • Color variation of the costumes for the 6 characters mentioned above (2 each)
    • Additional weapons for the 6 characters mentioned above (2 each)

And finally the digital versions of the game you can pre-order through the PlayStation Store:

Digital Day One Edition ($59.99)

  • Base Game
  • Nameless Warrior DLC
  • Mini Soundtrack featuring 5 songs

Digital Deluxe Edition ($84.99)

  • Base game
  • Nameless Warrior DLC
  • Mini Soundtrack featuring 5 songs
  • Season Pass

I have to say, these are well put together packages for Dissidia‘s first console debut. The Steelbook Brawler Edition’s random steelbook selection threw me off at first, but each of the covers look fantastic and feature iconic Final Fantasy characters that would make any fan happy with either. The Collector’s Edition is gorgeous and well-priced for a package that comes with collector-worthy items like the Warrior of Light bust as well. And if I wasn’t subscribed to the Best Buy Gamer’s Club, I would be inclined to pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition that comes packaged with the season pass! Which version will you be picking up?

For more on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, keep it locked to WWN.

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