Code Vein Stays Faithful to Its Dark Souls Influence

IGN has blessed us with 17 minutes of gameplay for Bandai Namco’s upcoming Soulsborne title Code Vein. The display showed off a handful of the game’s features and being that Code Vein is another installment into the Soulsborne, the combat was of great interest to those looking to pick the game up.

This build of the game was created specifically for IGN and should be understood as an early build. That said, lets look at a few of the features. The most notable thing about Code Vein is that players do not have to go through the game alone. Players can choose to take an AI companion with them, which can both fight enemies and heal players upon their deaths. Players can also add buffs to themselves and their weapons. The enemies are very reminiscent of the Yokai from Nioh, which makes sense given the anime motif. Overall, Code Vein looks like it will be a great installment into this fast growing genre.

That said, this showcase of the game makes me less likely to pick Code Vein up. My biggest issue with the Soulsborne genre is the lack of a meaningful story (at least on their face). With Nioh for instance, I fell in love with the gameplay early on, but my enthusiasm dissipated quickly because it felt like I was doing the same thing over and over for no reason. I was hoping that Code Vein would be able to take the combat-focused skeleton and surround it with a solid narrative that keeps players like me interested. There’s still time though, so here’s hoping that as we learn more about the game a coherent story will come out. IGN is set to release footage of a boss fight in the near future.

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