Call of Duty: WWII Officially Revealed

The long awaited reveal for the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise has come and gamers were given a peak into what they can expect from Sledgehammer’s newest title. I’m Nevaul M and I’ll unpack everything that we saw today.

The reveal opens with a trailer that throws the viewers on Normandy Beach right before the Allied Forces commence their attack. Underscored by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ominous “Mighty Endeavor” D-Day speech we’re thrust into ground skirmishes where we get a glimpse of some of the potential weapons and vehicles that we’ll be able to use such as the WWII staple M1 Garand, the Grease Gun, anti-aircraft guns, flamethrowers, tanks and armored vehicles, and even planes.

The campaign follows American Red Daniels and The Fighting First (or Bloody First) Infantry unit as they take on the Axis powers. Set between 1944 and 1945 Sledgehammer developers Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey let us know that the campaign, though an original story, will feature historical figures, Aleister Crowley for instance, taking place in France, Belgium and Germany. We were shown a mini documentary, which displayed the work that went into creating the game, which involved bringing on veterans, historians and visiting historical sites and retracing the steps of actual military units. Honestly, the campaign seems strikingly similar to one of the stories in Battlefield 1 in which players played as a tank unit.

As for the multiplayer, we were promised a fast-paced boots on the ground, gun skill focused experience, which should satisfy critics of the recent Call of Duty installments who criticised the franchise’s reliance on gimmicks. A ‘divisions’ feature was announced where players could enlist in specialized units which would effect their multiplayer progress. A new “War” mode will be added to the multiplayer where players will take part in objective-based historical battles. A social hub-like feature was teased going by the name “Headquarters”. The teaser (a 5 or so second long shot) showed what appeared to be an in-game gathering of dozens of players but what exactly players can do here remains to be seen. Perhaps the biggest news for Call of Duty fans was the announcement that the ever popular Nazi Zombies co-op mode will be returning. The game is set to release on November 3rd of this year with a private pre-order beta also on the way. We weren’t given any actual gameplay which was disappointing of course but we were promised a very satisfying E3 in a couple of months.

What do you guys think about the reveal? Are you a fan of the franchise’s return to WW2? Watch it down below and let us know.

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