Announced on his twitter, game designer American McGee tweeted he is working on proposal plans to present to EA for Alice: Asylum, the potential third installment for the Alice game series.  This is surprising news because rumors of a third Alice game were debunked by McGee himself.

McGee mentions in his blog post for Alice: Asylum, “This proposal will include artwork, design outline, and financial/business model.” From there, the proposal can be presented to EA for a chance to be green lit for development. You can click on this link to keep updated on the development of the game.

For the unfamiliar, American McGee is the creator of the games American McGee’s Alice (2000) and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns (2011). While the games weren’t revolutionary, both were highly praised for their uniqueness from other action platformers. As many know, the Alice in Wonderland franchise is known for its quirkiness and complex undertones, and the games take these core themes and adapts them into dark psychological action platformers that go deep into Alice’s sanity and a twisted Wonderland.

Both games are available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Funny enough, I took a trip down memory lane and booted up Alice: Madness Returns a few days before this announcement, and it still holds up today. McGee and his team certainly didn’t hold back on its tragic and distorted personality, and I love it. The potential for a third game is extremely exciting, so maybe EA can gauge interest for the Alice: Asylum by rereleasing both American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns for PS4 and Xbox One.

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